Heating Systems

If you are converting from oil to gas, or want to upgrade your existing oil or gas heating system, give us a call today for a free consultation by phone or site visit. Let us review your existing system and design and install a system that meets your heating, hot water and economical needs.


What is Condensing? 

A condensing boiler is a boiler that is designed to capture and reuse energy that conventional boilers discharge through the exhaust flue. The name "Condensing Boiler" originates from their ability condense the water vapor produced by the conventional consumption of gas in the boiler. The heat involved in the vaporization process can be reclaimed by these boilers and used to heat your home. That is why condensing boilers have efficiencies in 94% range or better.

What is Modulating? 

In addition many gas condensing boilers today come equipped with modulating gas valves. These boilers modulate the fire rate of the boilers based on the energy required to maintain the heat demand at a certain temperature with reference to the outside temperature. Modulation can sometimes play a more pivotal role in bringing down energy costs down than efficiency alone. For example a 100,000 btu boiler can modulate down to a minimum of 20,000 btu.

Our Commitment to Modcon Technology

At Scialli Plumbing & Heating, we have a fully operational condenser boiler heating system training lab for our employees to train on and our customers to visit and learn first hand about the future of condensing technology. In the past years we have installed numerous condensing boilers throughout Long Island in both new installs and oil to gas conversions. As a customer there are many reputable ModCon Boiler Manufacturers to choose from. In our opinion the LOCHINVAR corporation manufactures the best gas fired modulating condensing (ModCon) boiler on the market today known as the “knight boiler.” We have visited Lochinvar Headquarters and manufacturing plant in Tennessee twice this past year for extensive training and certification in the "KNIGHT" Boiler technology. Scialli Plumbing & Heating was awarded boiler installation of the month for April of 2009.

Savings & Rebates

When installed properly and in the correct application this technology can decrease home fuel costs as much as 40%. In today's fuel oil market the time is ripe to make the change from oil to gas. As an incentive NationGrid has begun offering large rebates for this technology. the Federal Government has also implemented a federal tax deduction when installaing any of these products. If there is no natural gas in your area don't be discouraged modcon boilers can be modified to run on propane and provide the same comfort and efficiencies as natural gas.

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Now is the perfect time to invest in this technology. Feel free to give us a
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